Illuminate the Night

At Lumenox we do permanent exterior LED lighting. Add value and safety to your home with our exclusive line of high quality, fully customizable lights which includes our Lumenox app, providing easy, intuitive control.


Custom Smart Home Lighting

Not only do our lights look great, we are fully committed to furthering the user experience as well.

More of a set it and forget it type? Our upcoming event based calendar mode will automatically change your lights for the occasions you choose, without having to manually configure and change schedules.

Love to tinker? Our app makes it easier than ever to setup full custom light displays for your home, including simple and intuitive symmetrical architectural patterns for year round lighting.

iOS/Android App

We come from a software development background, so we are fully committed to making the end user experience second to none. Whether you are technically savvy or not, there is a place for you in our community.

In addition to basic features like scheduling from sunset/sunrise, we have a ton of innovative features coming soon that will have you and your neighbours planning for events ahead. Stay tuned!


We use an LED package that can produce over 16 million colors, plus a luxurious true warm white channel at 2700k. This means you create any pattern/effect your heart desires, while also being able to use a classic warm white glow to accent your home any time of year.

Custom Installation

We have developed our own custom colour matched channel that blends right into your existing home. Whether you have traditional fascia/soffit, or another finishing method, we can design and manufacture any custom profile to meet your home's needs. Our installers go the extra mile to make sure the final product is as discreet as possible.

Low Power Consumption

In most cases, a standard size two story home will consume the same amount of energy as a single 60W incandescent bulb. This gives you the peace of mind to use your Lumenox lights year round and show off your beautiful home!

Five Year Warranty

Our lights come with a full five year warranty on the LED packages, and a one year warranty on all other parts and labour. The lights are rated for 50,000 hours, but if an LED ever does go out, we can easily swap it out and get your system back to full working condition.

50% More Lights

We use 6" light spacing instead of 9" to give a more consistent look when running patterns and effects. This also allows you more control over architectural lighting and gives more options for lights to be symmetrical.

Want More Information?

Yes, the Lumenox app makes it easy to organize your lights into groups or zones, which you can then run separate effects on.

For example, you create an animated run effect for your favourite sports team on the front of your house, and have a beautiful warm white static pattern on the back of your house.

We use custom 12mm bulbs that only protrude a few millimeters from the channel, and are nearly invisible from the street during the daytime.

We believe that the custom permanent LED lighting on your home should only be seen at night, when the lights are on.

We take pride in making your installation look like it was built with your home. We try our best to hide connecting wires behind architectural elements or in split loom, to be as discreet as possible.

While 90% of homes are able to be installed using our standard channel profile, we can create custom channel profiles for homes with taller fascia, or other custom decorative roofline features,

For a typical two story front garage home, installation usually takes around a full day. This varies based on the complexity of the install, but we strive to complete your installation in time for you to enjoy your lights when you get home from work.

Our custom app allows you to create endless patterns and effects using any colour you can think of, plus a dedicated warm white channel, all while being able to adjust the brightness level on each individual bulb.

Our custom app makes it easy to schedule your lights to turn on/off based on either a set time or an offset from sunset/sunrise.

For example, you can set your lights to come on 20 minutes before sunset, and turn off at 11:00pm. Or, you could set them to come on at sunset and turn off four hours after sunset.

We use a colour sensor to get a sample of your existing soffit/fascia, which we then match to our library of over 60 colours. On the odd occasion that your colour of soffit/fascia has been discontinued, we usually have a very close alternative to choose from.

Our standard installation includes mounting the control box on the exterior of your home near a plug. On newer homes this usually means utilizing a plug in the soffit, and mounting the control box discreetly behind a roof section, or lower on the side of your house.

If you prefer, or if the routing requires it, we can mount the control box inside your garage for an additional fee.

Our lights are currently controlled only through our custom app for iOS and Android. We are in the process of developing integrations for Google Home, Apple HomeKit, and other smart home ecosystems, to be released in the future.

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